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Project Overview

Hannaford Meal Ordering System

In this project, I began by familiarizing myself with Hannaford through several meetings with the Hannaford Client Manager and the Product Manager. The objective was to grasp the product requirements and customer insights.

As the primary designer, my role involved close collaboration with front-end developers, QA teams, and Hannaford stakeholders. I enhanced the user flow and Information Architecture (IA) by creating high-fidelity screens to address both existing and new user stories. Additionally, I took responsibility for identifying and designing flows for negative scenarios, edge cases, bugs, and new features.

The key features I focused on included the Sign-in flow, Meal browsing, Cart management, Payment processing, and Order history submission.

Since this project under NDA, I cannot share it publicly. Please reach out to me at for the password. 


Product Designer


Hannah Lutz, UX Lead

Jayasharee, SDE


Q4 2020 - Q1 2021


Figma, Mural,, Google Suite

As UX designer co-op



"Aashna is a hard-working individual who goes above and beyond what is asked of her. I hired Aashna to join our new fully remote Innovation lab in June of 2020 as a UX/UI Design co-op. At the time, the design team had a lot of ongoing projects and Aashna never hesitated to take up more work. I could trust her to take on more than just her main project of the co-op and she did not disappoint. Not only was she able to design great user experiences and visuals, but she also collaborated with the development team, project managers, and other associates within the organization.


As her mentor, Aashna has never held back in suggesting new tools, software, or ways of working if she thought it would benefit the team. We are a young design team and she took it upon herself to help us set new standards and guidelines for future co-ops. Outside of her day-to-day design work, Aashna helped in the facilitation of Design Thinking workshops for teams within our organization. I was so impressed with Aashna's design work and dedication, that I was excited to extend her co-op with our lab. Anyone would be lucky to have Aashna on their team!"

Hannah Lutz

Design Lead at RBS, Ahold Delhaize

Dec 21, 2020, Hannah managed Aashna directly

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