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I'm based in the SF Bay Area with over 4 years of experience.

I have designed digital products for various platforms, including apps, websites, and kiosks. My experience spans from pre-purchase growth to post-purchase app engagement, working with startups to large companies, and covering the entire process from concept to feature release.

I thrive in ambitious, curious, and humble teams and aspire to make a lasting impact on people's lives and the world we live in.

More about my background & experience

Former interior architect turned product designer - I got my bachelor's degree in interior architecture from CEPT University, India & DAAP, University of Cincinnati (semester abroad), embedding myself in the practice of spatial and systems design. I enjoyed building physical things.


However, I found myself unfulfilled. I was craving a more creative job where I could practice design and apply real learnings from human behavior; not just speculation. I felt like that kind of job need more speed and iteration of ideas, which were naturally controlled in the field of architecture. My curiosity to learn about the user, technology and design processes that can help create human-centered products has been my driving force to pursue a Master's degree in Design Management at SCAD.

Designing physical spaces has taught me to balance experiential quality with aesthetics while with design management I have developed a strong sense of empathy and strategy to solve complex problems. As a product designer, I get to do it all - shaping digital products at the intersection of usability and aesthetics to create meaningful experiences. 

When I'm not solving problems, I'm mostly


Into board games. I can play Catan online/offline any day anytime. Some of my other favs are Istanbul, Azul, and Codenames.


Enjoy spending my weekends in the woods. Camping & hiking. 


Sci-fi movie and animated movie freak. Inception is my all-time fav movie.


Like every other millennial, quarantine finally forced me to learn how to cook and now I spend the weekends hosting game night with home-cooked Indian food. 

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