Hi there! I'm Aashna, 

I'm an Interior Architect turned UX Designer + Strategist and I thrive at the intersection of research, design, strategy & technology.

Transition from spatial design to UX design

I began my formal career in interior architecture, embedding myself in the practice of spatial and systems design. However, I quickly identified the gap in my process that lacked research on user needs. I realized I was designing with a fixed mindset. My curiosity to learn about the user, technology and design processes that can help create human-centered products has been my driving force to pursue Design Management at SCAD. I'm passionate about using a human-centered design thinking approach for creating products and services that enhance the way users work and interact.

Combining my experiences in UX with my background in interior architecture, I have developed a strong sense of research, strategy, storytelling, and a passion for experience design. I am constantly seeking strategic solutions that balance user and business needs and delivering meaningful experiences in the phygital realm. No, that wasn’t a typo - phygital experiences are ones in which technology and traditional physical experiences blend so seamlessly that they create new and better ways of performing everyday tasks. Click here to look at my previous spatial design projects.


I enjoy working on & can help the team with



To learn what our users & customers want; I conduct qualitative research to deeply understand the needs and blend quantitative data to bring a strong point and accurately frame the problem. I have the skill to analyze and synthesis user needs to uncover key insights.



Combine key insights with business goals to create value propositions. Converting the research into relevant products, services, spaces, and business strategies.

Design Sprints


Guiding the team to design and test solutions for critical challenges in building products and services using frameworks within one week.



When a Design Sprint isn’t suitable, a design thinking workshop helps. I l love designing and conducting workshops for clients to solve problems and gain insights. Click here to view one of my toolkit design to conduct a collaborative workshop.



Design and deliver the best possible user experience for products and services to your users, meet business needs that are consistent, usable, and ultimately desirable. To learn more about how I arrive at the final best possible solution for a complex problem, take a look through the work.

Phygital CX


Seeing the bigger, holistic nature of user experience outside the usual range of interfaces. From connected home to immersive media,  and virtual reality, I enjoy creating experiences that enable natural interactions with our physical & virtual environments. Click here to look at my spatial VR project.

What do I do when I'm not solving problems


When I'm free, I may be hiking or watching a new Marvel/Disney movie, or playing board games. Some of my favorite board games are Catan, Istanbul, Azul, and Codenames. Like every other millennial, quarantine finally forced me to learn my favorite recipes, and now I spend the weekends hosting game night with home-cooked Indian food. 

Let's connect 

If you want to learn more about my work, or just want to grab some coffee, I'd love to chat  me@aashnapoddar.com