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I've been the primary designer for the app since 2021. This app connects hearing aids to smartphones, simplifying and destigmatizing the usage of advanced hearing aids.

My role involves cross-functional work - I drive innovation for our new features, collaborate to continuously improve our UX, and shape the product design roadmap using user insights from testing.


I work closely with product teams, engineers, domain specialists, and data analysts to understand challenges and create effective design strategies and experiences that blend form and function. I rigorously test designs to ensure a smooth user journey at every step. I effectively communicate the reasoning behind my designs, bridging the gap between technical details and creative choices. This fosters understanding among different teams.

In addition to design, I also maintain and evolve the app's design system, ensuring accessibility, consistency, and scalability by creating a collection of components and modules. This foundation keeps the app strong as it grows over time.


Senior Product Designer, Jabra Hearing


Director of Product Design (Post-purchase), 

Product Manager (APP),

Engineering & QA Teams (APP)


2021 - Current


Figma, Figjam, Jira, Amplitude, StoryBook, Google Suite, Salesforce,, Slack


Some selected work -

continuous UX improvement

Hearing aid pairing & controls

Simplifying access to hearing aid control and use with iOS & Android

Coming Soon
Hear controls.png

new features + improvements

Care Team &

Help Center

Empowering to master hearing aid care through tips & video tutorials

Coming Soon
Care Help.png

new features + improvements

Remote hearing aid settings 

Access remote cloud-based settings anywhere for OTC convenience

Coming Soon

process improvement

Design System &

CJ, Flows

Designing for Accessibility and efficiency

Coming Soon
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