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Senior Product Designer,

Jabra Hearing


Director of Product Design (Post-purchase), Product Manager (App),

Engineering Teams (App)


Figma, Figjam, Jira, Amplitude, StoryBook, Google Suite, Salesforce,, Slack

Since 2021, I've been the primary designer for the app, connecting hearing aids to smartphones, simplifying the use of advanced hearing aids, and providing access to remote audiology care.


My role involves cross-functional work — driving design for new features, continuously improving user experience, and shaping the product design roadmap using audiology and user insights.


I collaborate closely with product teams, engineers, researchers, domain experts, and data analysts to address challenges, identify unmet needs, create effective design strategies, and ensure a smooth user journey through rigorous testing.


Additionally, I maintain and evolve the app's design system, ensuring accessibility, consistency, and scalability for continued strength and growth.


Jabra's customers

Designing for a broad spectrum of customers

Jabra serves a range of hearing aid users, spanning from low-tech to high-tech individuals, including switchers and first-time buyers aged 30 to 80. Our focus is on designing for these varied customers, ensuring accessibility and ease of adoption, considering usability and technical aspects for better usage of our advanced product.


Key projects:


Onboarding & Pairing

Simplifying hardware-software bluetooth pairing and connectivity


Help when you need it

Empower customers to become hearing aid expert with tutorials

Care team.png

Connect with Care Team

Convenient scheduling to meet with your hearing specialist


Hearing aid controls

Destigmatizing the use of hearing aid controls through an app


Remote Settings

Request and install sound adjustments - no more office visits 

Design for scaling, assccesbility and effiecity.png

Accessibility & Efficiency

Crafting our JES design system keeping accessibility in mind

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