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Jabra Enhance

PDP & PLP redesign

In early 2022, I collaborated with the Growth Team to launch a fresh and improved experience for the Jabra Enhance Product Detail Page (PDP) and Product Listing Page (PLP). 

Our primary objective was to empower customers to make informed decisions when selecting a hearing aid model that best suits their specific hearing needs, while also increasing the Average Order Value (AOV) for our premium model.

In this project, I worked closely with the lead designer. My responsibilities included proposing the design strategy, handling the user experience (UX) design, creating the visual design, and conducting testing for the new PLP and PDP pages.


Product Designer, Jabra Hearing


Growth - Design Manager, Product Manager, Engineering & QA


Q1 2022


Figma, Jira, Amplitude, HotJar, Google Suite,, Slack

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