Finding the balance between left and right brain by leveraging the power of design thinking to facilitate creative problem solving and generate human-centered solutions

Hi! I'm Aashna


Design Strategist.

Interior Architect.






ux research / strategy / UI


How might we use design thinking

to help people control their domestic food waste?


UX research / strategy / UI 



How might we help people transfer and curate their digital data to their loved ones before they are gone?

UX research / strategy / thesis



An inquiry into the application of technology to identify its influence on spatial planning in offices?

research / strategy / spatial design



How might we design a secure campus in Afghanistan for the education of its girls?

research / strategy / spatial design


Design experience for Woadokou metro station exploring the role of architecture with mixed reality

research / strategy / spatial design


An omnichannel offline retail experience for an online brand that

plans to go offline

research / strategy / spatial design


Conceptualize, design experience, look and feel for Sky lobby at Hub on Causeway




Effective diagrammatic and information presented in order to engaging proposals

research / computational design


Conceptualize, design experience, look and feel for Sky lobby at Hub on Causeway


I am pursuing my master’s degree in Design Management at the Savannah College of Art and Design. At SCAD, I'm building up my skill sets focusing on Human-Centered Design and its association with products, spaces, services, and environments. I have learned about design thinking principles, customer journey maps, strategy, and innovation matrix to bridge the gap between users' needs and business needs through the alignment of collaborative practices to add value through the research-driven process, empathetic design, effective storytelling and creating high impact experiences. I am known as an intentional and detail-oriented designer. I think deeply about design problems, and make sure that there is a reason behind every design decision I make – constantly emphasizing on WHY. 

My undergraduate background in interior architecture empowered me to have an extraordinary mix of analytical skills with an empathic viewpoint. From conceptual design to spatial design, I have learned how to create an experience at each level. Throughout my projects, the constant themes of how people react to the physical, societal and technological forces around them intrigue me most. Whether I am creating elements spatially or working on an interface for a digital product, I always focus on achieving human-centered goals at every level of interaction to create a seamless transition from one point to another. 

My work is a reflection of what intrigued me the most - applying design thinking methods to channel the curiosity into ideas, questions, and projects that contribute to a better world. I have been consuming visual data since my early childhood and my inclination towards watching films and endless absorption of content through the user's lens has helped me develop skills that I use to offer experiential design across platforms.


I believe "change is constant" - thus, my projects and outlook on design and what I do is in constant flux, adapting and adjusting to the contexts and people I design for. If you don't find me working at a new design, I may be hiking or playing board games or exploring a new destination, constantly marveling at the cultural connect humans have and it's adaptations in our daily lives, through visual communication.

If you are interested in looking at my past interior architecture projects, click here



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