Hello! I'm Aashna, a UX Designer + Strategist passionate about using design thinking to create impactful & meaningful experiences across physical & digital realms.


Currently, I am working as a UX/UI designer co-op at RBS, Ahold Delhaize, researching, designing, & prototyping a seamless experience for a new meal ordering system & building a shared vision of the "Store of the Future" with the brands.


Product Strategy + UX/UI Design - B2C


Amazon Smart Grocery Plan is an add-on service for Amazon Prime users that shop at Whole Foods to pay through Amazon Pay and reduce their domestic food waste. 

Smart Grocery Plan

UX/UI Design - MVP - B2C

RBS, Ahold Delhaize co-op 

A self-serving ordering Kiosk designed for the Giant Food Stores where customers can browse available meals at the Kitchen, place an order, and pay via virtual wallet.

Kitchen at Riverwalk

UX Research +  Strategy + Design 


A toolkit to run creative and collaborative workshops to create future ideas for sustainable furniture products based on the principle of the circular economy.  

Creculare Toolkit

UX Research + Product Innovation + Design 


Rememo is a digital afterlife system that allows people to preserve data, curate, and share memories of friends and family who have passed away.


UX/UI Design - POC - B2C

RBS, Ahold Delhaize co-op

A meal ordering app where Hannaford customers can browse available meals, place an order, pay via virtual wallet, and pick up their cooked meals without any hassle.


Product Strategy + UX/UI Design - MVP - B2B

RBS, Ahold Delhaize co-op

An associate tool to enable more coordination and support between stores, associates, and corporate stakeholders during an emergency for coordinated decision making and emergency relief.

Business Impact Hub

Experience and Strategy Design for Spaces


UX & Spatial Design 

Gensler Internship


Speculation & Spatial Design 


Future Metro

Undergrad Thesis




Let's connect 

If you want to learn more about my work, or just want to grab some coffee, I'd love to chat  me@aashnapoddar.com